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About Us

Our Products.  designs custom patriotic merchandise inspired by events surrounding the American Revolution. Our goal is to promote awareness of our history and our countries great sacrifices. We create awesome t-shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories made with liberty, freedom and patriotic themes.

All of our products are designed in Connecticut and Texas then printed and shipped by our partners in Charlotte NC.

We try to keep our products 100% American made. Some of our products, are however, sourced from American companies, who make their products overseas.



I am a graphic designer and the founder of Revolutionary’s. I am also a Navy Veteran and the son of a Green Beret. Patriotism runs deep in my blood going back generations, all the way to the Revolutionary War.

My interest in this part of our history began 10 years ago, when I was exploring my family tree and discovered my 5th Generation Grandfather served in the First Continental Army from 1777 to 1780.

Timothy served with the Continental line under Colonel Elias Dayton and the 3rd New Jersey Battalion – 5th Company, under Captain Henry Peter Dickerson. During the winter of 1777-78 he served under General George Washington at Valley Forge. He then went on to fight in a number of major battles including: New BrunswickPerth AmboyWestfield, Staten Island and Long Island.

I hope you enjoy our Revolutionary War apparel designs and continue to show your patriotism by wearing a piece of American history.


I am a graphic designer, proud Texan and cofounder of Revolutionary’s Apparel. I come from a long line of Danish immigrants who settled in this great country in the 1800s and proudly fought in Vietnam, WW2, and the Civil War. 

I helped start Revolutionary’s to spread my love for this country in the hopes that it will not only be a source of pride to those who share my feelings, but help spread the most positive view of this great country.

My pride and patriotism runs deep. I stand for our national anthem and salute our flag. I proudly support our troops, and our first responders.

I hope you enjoy Revolutionary’s Apparel and our design takes on American Patriotism.

The Printing.

We partnered with the Printful company to handle all of our printing and fulfillment. With Printful as our partner, you can feel confident that each of our products are printed with love and care by the dedicated staff at their 35,000 sq ft headquarters located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Apparel Printing Process

  • Direct to Garment
  • Brother Graffitee photo quality
  • Printed using Brother GT 381 machines
  • CPSIA compliant inks

Hat Embroidery Process

  • Embroidered using the Happy HCD2
  • Using Polyester thread
  • Hand clipped and cleaned